A mobile multiplayer cooperative RPG

Into the dungeon's deeps ...

Experience solo and cooperative Boss fights

Steel & stone was created to have fun with friends arround a good old dungeon RPG, playable anywhere, anytime.

The gameplay is focus on fights against monsters with patterns and phases to understand to defeat them.

As the encounters become harder, every players can specialize as tank, healer or damage dealer.

More than just looting better items, you can craft, improve and customize your skills to fit your strategic needs.

As a mobile game it is designed to be playable when you don't have a lot of time with short encounters.
And if you don't have a connection where you are, the game has a solo mode so you can still progress on your own !


Game's Developpment status

The game is still in early developpement. 
It is currently in Alpha.

We will communicate about the beta as soon as it will be available.

Thank you for your patience.


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